Chimpy Holds His Second Cabinet Meeting of the Year

From Holden:

Somebody tell me if it’s unusual for a president to hold only two cabinet meetings during the first three months of his second term.

Any way, here’s the link to the three questions Dear Leader allowed after the meeting.

Here’s a photo in need of a caption.

And here is your afternoon incoherence.

Q Yes, sir. Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack on Abu Graib prison. Is this a sign that they’re becoming more sophisticated in Iraq?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I think it’s a sign that they’re still deadly, that these people will kill. They kill innocent life. Their strategy hasn’t really changed. Their strategy has been one to kill as many innocent people as they possibly can, in the hopes that it shakes our confidence and shakes our will and, equally importantly, shakes the will and confidence of those brave souls who are helping lead this new country — lead this new democracy.

And we are — we’re after them. And equally importantly, the Iraqi citizens are after them now. More and more citizens understand that these terrorists, like al Qaeda and Zarqawi, don’t have their interests at heart. They don’t believe in democracy, these killers. They believe in a society in which people aren’t going to be free to practice their religion, or free to speak in the public square.

And so I think the American people ought to take heart to know that we have now more allies in defeating these few, and those allies are the Iraqi citizens. And perhaps the most notable step that the Iraqi citizens took toward complete defiance of the point of view of Zarqawi, who is an al Qaeda type, was when they went to the polls.