On The Thin-Skinned, Thick-Skulled Ms. Maglalang

From Holden:

By know we all know that the alleged GOP talking points on the Schiavo intervention have been proven to be the actual GOP talking points on the Schiavo intervention, distributed by a Republican leader on the issue in the senate, Florida’s contribution to dimbulbery Mel Martinez.

TBogg and Atrios have both executed effective takedowns of Hindrather, one of the loudest “It’s a fake memo!” fluffers. But they left the Maglalang concession wide open.

Michelle Maglalang Malkin dug in her 5 inch spike heels and pushed the “fake memo” meme for all she was worth, writing not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven, not eight, not nine, not ten, not eleven, not twelve, not thirteen, but fourteen posts on the topic over the past two weeks.

Yes, it’s tough being a classless airhead, as Ms. Maglalang had to pry herself from her warm bed this morning to attempt to answer the e-mail requests for a retraction that were flooding her in-box. But instead of a thoughtful mea culpa, she denies everything:

After John Hinderaker at Power Line first started asking necessary questions about the reporting on the memo, many on the Right jumped to conclusions that the memo was “fake” or a “dirty trick.” I concur that those who made such claims should issue clear retractions and corrections. And I urge those bloggers and pundits to do so.

But contrary to what the left-wing gloaters who have not bothered to follow the story until last night are writing, I have never made such claims, a point I stressed yesterday afternoon in an e-mail exchange with Post reporter Mike Allen.

Sure, as the story of Sen. Martinez’s involvement with the memo was breaking and Mike Allen asked her for a comment, Maglalang claimed she never said the memo was a fake.

Fortunately for the future of America, few of us are as stupid as Michelle. Here’s what she said on March 24 in a post helpfully entitled, DID THE MSM LEARN NOTHING FROM RATHERGATE?

The issue is the ABCNews.com headline characterizing the memo as “GOP talking points”–a description that strongly implies the memo was drafted and circulated by GOP higher-ups.

The issue is also Kate Snow’s statement on Good Morning America that “ABC News has obtained some talking points that Senate Republicans were circulating….”

Will ABC News officials continue to stonewall, as Dan Rather et al. so famously did just a few months ago? Or will they come clean and promptly issue a correction? What about the Washington Post, which strongly implied in this article that Republicans were responsible for the memo? And what about all the other pundits, from Chris Matthews to Cynthia Tucker, who stated explicitly that Republicans distributed the memo–a statement that an anonymous ABC News official now says ABC News never reported?

You would think the MSM learned something from RatherGate. Apparently not.

Do I really have to pick this post apart piece by piece? Where the repeated references to “RatherGate” not intended to imply that the memo was a fake? Or did she simply want to hear ABC News, Chris Matthews and Cynthia Tucker say “courage” on the air?

Maglalang objected to the characterization of the memo as “GOP talking points”, but how did Sen. Martinez <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A32554-2005Apr6.html"characterize the memocharacterize it?

“He said these were talking points — something that we’re working on here,” [Sen. Tom] Harkin said.

One could go on and on, but it’s obvious that after flogging the “fake memo” for two weeks Michelle Maglalang Malkin has neither the class nor the honesty to admit she was wrong.