War On Judges

LA Times:

Judicial independence is one of this nation’s distinguishing traits and a hallmark of our constitutional scheme. To endure, our democracy requires that legislators respect the independence of the judiciary, even when it comes to decisions they don’t like.

Judges from across California planned to gather tonight at downtown’s Millennium Biltmore Hotel for the 100th anniversary of the state’s appellate courts. What they celebrate is the separation of powers that DeLay and friends want to smash.

In 1904, when a state referendum created the Courts of Appeal, voters had the good sense to insulate judges from potential demagogues. But the attacks on the federal courts, and on the independence of all judges, may have tonight’s celebrants wondering if state courts will last intact for another 100 years.

You know, plenty of judges are Republicans. The blowback from this is not going to be pretty.