Ours is the Skinny War Criminal on the Left

From Holden:

Sharon decided he’d rather spend the night at the Waco Hilton than at Chimpy’s fake ranch, which he has recently christented “Prairie Chapel”.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, invited to US President George W. Bush’s beloved Texas ranch, spent Sunday night at a hotel instead, US officials said.

Sharon slept at the Hilton hotel in downtown Waco, some 30 kilometers from tiny Crawford, even though Bush’s ranch has a guest house where other world leaders have stayed, a White House official said on condition of anonymity.

Vice President Dick Cheney, who also arrived in Texas on Sunday, stayed at the guest house overnight, while Sharon went to the ranch early Monday for talks with Bush and a joint press conference.


White House officials declined to say Monday whether Sharon stayed at the hotel at Bush’s request, or to accommodate Cheney, or of his own accord.