That Giant Sucking Sound

From Holden:

Is your tax dollars going to Iraq to fund Georgie’s vanity war.

The war in Iraq is burning through U.S. military equipment at five to 10 times the peacetime training rate, and the services will have to spend $13 billion to $18 billion to replace it, congressional budget experts say.


Over the past three years, the Army has deployed about 40 percent of its equipment inventory to operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, said Lt. Gen. C.V. Christianson, the Army’s logistics chief.

According to Army stress studies and CBO analyses, Army helicopters are being used at twice their peacetime rate, while tanks and other tracked vehicles are being used at roughly five times their peacetime rates, Christianson said.


Christianson said Army battle losses include 51 helicopters, 97 tracked combat vehicles, 76 heavy wheeled vehicles, 217 light wheeled vehicles and 62 medium wheeled vehicles. The losses include 12 percent of the entire Army wheeled vehicle fleet.