Today on Holden’s Obsession with Yesterday’s Gaggle

From Holden:

Damn that Little Scottie, posting the gaggle transcript after I took off my blogging shoes yesterday.

In Tuesday’s gaggle Scottie wanted to give the press corps a “readout from the President’s visit with the Families of the Fallen™ at Fort Hood”. You see the “President visited with 33 Families of the Fallen™” yesteday because “[o]ne of the President’s most important responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief is to visit the Families of the Fallen™.”

Yesterday the selected “Families [of the Fallen™] were separated into individual cubicles” including “one 15 year old who had lost his mother in Iraq”. Our brave “President visited with him individually; he was there on his own.”

This is serious work because “they take pictures, the President signs memorabilia for them so that they can — memorabilia that honors their loved one”.

And they all love Dear Leader, why Little Scottie (who wasn’t at the meetings) remembers “one mother said, you know, ‘Finish the job — that’s my message to you.’ Another wife was saying, ‘We support you.'”

Of course, some of the ungrateful “Families [of the Fallen™] did have some concerns that they expressed”.

Q What type of concerns?

MR. McCLELLAN: It varies. The ones that expressed — some of them expressed some concerns, you know, it can be anything from the benefits to just the help they’re getting from the military. I think I’ll leave that to those private discussions. But the President always makes sure that we follow up to make sure those concerns are being addressed as best they can be.

Q Does anybody ever raise any concerns about the lack of armor, for example? Is that the kind of stuff that comes up in these talks?

MR. McCLELLAN: I didn’t hear that in any of these conversations. Obviously, I didn’t hear everything that was being expressed because I try to stand back a little bit and let the President visit individually with the Families [of the Fallen™]. But, no, I think more — their focus was more on just making sure that their families were being taken care of and would be provided for, things of that nature.

Yeah, Scottie doesn’t remember any members of the Families of the Fallen™ complaining about the lack of body armor or being led into an illegal war on the basis of lies or any stuff like that, possibly because the President refuses to meet with this group of families.