Yesterday’s News

From Holden:

I haven’t heard any mention of Teri Schiavo lately, have you? She was violently bumbed out of the headlines by the dying pope. Poor woman couldn’t even make it through her own memorial service without having to listen to praise for her rival, to whom she was compared yesterday.

The freshman Republican senator from South Carolina says he butted into the private decision of a family he never met because of the expertise of renowned video tape diagnostician Bill Frist.

When Terri Schiavo’s parents and lawyers knocked on Congress’ door last month, Jim DeMint was ready to open it.


Congress wasn’t trying to overrule the courts, DeMint said. Rather, lawmakers were trying to act on “a lot of new information that had not been considered by the courts in years. … I don’t think the American people had all the information we did.”


What information did DeMint and Congress have about Schiavo’s case that was unknown to their constituents?

DeMint said he put stock in the opinion of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a doctor who had seen video of Schiavo and said there could be hope for her.

“In this case, particularly with the leader of the Senate, who is a renowned physician, a heart transplant surgeon with a lot of friends — neurologists or whatever — who were giving him input, if he felt pretty strongly that we might have a disabled woman who was a good ways from being a vegetable…”

DeMint didn’t finish the sentence, but concluded: “If you had a neighbor who starved a disabled dog to death and you turned them in, they could go to jail for that.”

Of course, if your neighbor had a dog who was married to a man who cared for the dog for fifteen years while the dog was in a persistent vegetative state even though the dog’s brain had turned to fluid and the dog’s husband sought to end the dog’s life but was opposed by your other neighbor’s dogs who had sired the vegetable dog…

Here’s one more tid-bit, but I think you saw this one coming.

Ninety percent of the protesters arrested outside the late Terri Schiavo’s hospice were from out of state.