Follow the Money

From Holden:

The Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) comptroller-general tells congress that the Pentagon can’t account for some of your tax dollars spent on Chimpy’s endless wars.

The US Defence Department is unable to track how it spent tens of millions of dollars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the US war on terrorism, the US Congress’s top investigator has said.

The department “doesn’t have a system to be able to determine with any degree of reliability and specificity how we spent” tens of millions in war-related emergency funds set aside by Congress, comptroller-general David Walker told a Senate Armed Services sub-committee.

Mr Walker heads the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Congress’s non-partisan audit and investigative arm.


While there was no doubt that appropriated funds were spent, “trying to figure out what they were spent on is like pulling teeth,” Mr Walker said, referring to an accounting effort he said was under way for Congress.

The Defence Department had no immediate comment.

Overall, Mr Walker said the Defence Department, which is seeking $US419.3 billion for its 2006 fiscal budget, was wasting billions of dollars a year because of ineffective management of its business operations.

Although Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld and his top aides have shown a commitment to business management transformation, “little tangible evidence of actual improvement has been seen in DoD’s business operations to date,” he testified.