This is the Way We All Fund Walmart

I get weekly emails from Facing South, a progressive news organization, run by the Institute for Southern Studies. This is from the email I got today:

INSTITUTE INDEX – Missing Tax Dollars
Percent that state income tax collected from corporations has dropped since 1989: 40

Amount of federal revenue lost yearly due to corporate offshore tax havens: $255 billion

Amount lost from corporations underreporting their income: $30 billion

Of 275 largest corporations, number that didn’t pay any taxes at least on year between 2001 and 2003: 82

Amount of spending the Pentagon admits it cannot account for: $2.3 trillion

Amount this represents for every person in the United States: $8,000

Amount that Halliburton is known to have overcharged the government on one of its Iraq contracts: $212 million

Amount of federal money earmarked for Wal-Mart in 2005 transportation bill to widen the road to their headquarters: $37 million

Number of hours it takes for Wal-Mart to make $37 million in profits: 31
Sources on file at the Institute for Southern Studies.

The highlights are mine – they are figures that really jumped out at me. Pretty breathtaking, isn’t it?