For the Record

From Holden:

No word yet from The Corner of Denial and Doritos about the fact that the Bush assministration’s main reason for launching an illegal, $300 billion, soul-destroying war that as of this morning has taken the lives of 1,574 Americans was a lie. However, Jonah is upset about something else Chimpy has done.

JUST FOR THE RECORD [Jonah Goldberg]

Yes, I am nostalgic for the days when the President of the United States would get at least some grief for holding hands with the ruler of Saudi Arabia. Maybe it’s my xenophobia, homophobia or Islamaphobia talking, though I don’t think that’s it. See Drudge for details.

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Photo by Jason Reed/Reuters .

Later, a self-hating Corner reader chimes in…


From a reader:

Jonah: I’m gay and I find the photo disturbing. Almost as disturbing as I find male synchronized diving.

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For the record, as Jonah would say:

Lying to the nation in order to kill guys in robes: Good.

Holding hands with guys in robes: Bad.

UPDATE: Add Michelle Maglalang to the List of the Pissed.