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from the Sun-Sentinel:

Judge rules teen in state custody can have abortion

News Channel 5 and staff reports
Posted May 2 2005, 7:50 PM EDT
A Palm Beach County judge lifted his stay Monday, allowing a 13-year-old pregnant girl in state custody to have an abortion.
Circuit Judge Ronald Alvarez withdrew a previous ruling ordering a psychological evaluation of the girl to determine her mental condition and whether she would be harmed by terminating the pregnancy or giving birth.
The Department of Children & Families is the teen’s legal guardian after she was taken away from her parents for abuse or neglect. State law allows minors to have abortions without notifying their guardians.
DCF Secretary Luci Hadi requested a judge’s ruling, according to a department statement. DCF attorneys filed an emergency motion April 26, the same day L.G.’s caseworker was prepared to take her to a clinic for the abortion.
As part of the new ruling, Alvarez said if DCF did not provide transportation for the teen, she would be placed in the custody of her lawyers.

The law was clear in this case; there was no reason to stop the girl. I hope to hell and pray to the goddesses that this is an end to it. This little girl has guts. She deserves to get past this. I hope she knows that there are literally millions of us sending her as much mental moral support as we can.