Tip of the Day: Never Allow a Republican to Borrow Your Car

From Holden:

The Nation’s Ari Berman leads us to this little piece.

Volunteers who drove VIPs around town during last year’s Republican National Convention did a bang-up job, according to a new report showing the city’s host committee is now on the hook for $138,279 in car repairs .

The figure covers 60 vehicles loaned by General Motors, three of which were written off as beyond repair.

The cars and vans were used for less than three weeks for a variety of convention chores, including shuttling members of Congress, governors and other VIPs.

[Berman calculates the loses: “The sixty vehicles loaned by General Motors were used for less than three weeks–resulting in an average of $6,585 in damages per day.”]

Many of the GM vehicles, which included passenger vans, were damaged during parking at an indoor garage near Madison Square Garden.

The convention was held last summer between Aug. 30 and Sept. 2.

“The lanes were narrow,” explained the official. “In some cases, the tops of vehicles scratched or scraped the roof.”

One SUV rolled over a security barrier as it was being raised from the ground.

GM spokesman Chris Preuss said three vehicles, including a van with a crushed roof, were beyond repair.

I guess those Republican drivers were only following Dear Leader’s example, he’s certainly done his share of damage while driving the country.