Action Alert – Where are your Senators?

Today’s Action comes from NARAL:
This week, May 2-6, Members of Congress are high-tailing it out of Washington for a late spring recess.� Will your senators join Tom DeLay for a “non-lobbyist-funded” trip to an exotic destination?� Or will they actually come back to your state to meet with you – their constituents?
Maybe we’re old-fashioned, but we believe that our elected officials should go back to their home states to meet with voters one-on-one.� It seems that this group of senators disagrees.� During last month’s congressional recess we couldn’t track many of them down – forget about locating a public town hall meeting!� Perhaps these “missing in action” senators didn’t want to be questioned on issues like the nuclear option.

We’re hearing that Sen. Frist could launch the nuclear option as soon as the Senate returns from recess, making next week even more important for activists to speak out.� The nuclear option would effectively eliminate the filibuster and end pro-choice senators’ chances for blocking Bush’s anti-choice nominees.� The good news is that the vast majority of Americans stand with us – a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that 66 percent of Americans oppose changing Senate rules.

This recess, don’t let senators play hide and seek while President Bush and Sen. Frist have the future of the Supreme Court in their crosshairs!
Track down your senators!
Let your senators know you’re keeping an eye on them next week – and that you want them to talk with voters about the nuclear option.

Visit your senators during the recess next week.� Check your local newspaper or visit your senators’ websites for dates and times of town hall meetings.� Or call your senators’ offices at 202.224.3121 to schedule a personal appointment with your senators for you and your pro-choice friends


If you can’t catch up with your senators, get creative and have fun!� Get your friends to write a brief, personal note opposing the nuclear option, then deliver your notes to the senators’ office nearest you with a bag of atomic fire ball candy.

Thanks for taking today’s Action Alert