America Says Dump DeLay

From Holden:

A new national poll released by the Sacred Heart University Polling Institute has some bad news for the GOP, the Bugman, and Bush.

Bad News for the GOP and the Bugman

A surprising 46.5% of those surveyed indicated that they were “following the U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s ethics issues” while 49.1% said they were not following the issue closely or at all.

Worse Still for the Bugman

Among those following DeLay’s ethical problems closely, a mandate-worthy 59.5% said he should resign his House leadership position and 45.3% said he should give up his house seat altogether.

Bad News for Dear Leader Regarding Iraq

Those surveyed were evenly split over whether we are seeing any progress in Chimpy’s Big Iraqi adventure (45.7% said the situation in Iraq is moving in the right direction, 45.0% said it is moving in the wrong direction, and 9.3% said there is no movement or the situation is stagnant).

A plurality (49.8%) said that the War on Iraq was a mistake (only 36.8% said it was the right decision while 13.4% were unsure).

The people have spoken.