Cheney Accuses Democrats Of Adhereing To “The Other Faith”

From Holden:

Big Time Dick was pushing Social Security’s destruction at an “hourlong, invitation-only town hall style meeting” at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia, yesterday.

Two hundred of the six hundred people allowed to attend the taxpayer-funded “town hall style” event were Campbell High students, including Erica Camp and Sarang Shah.

Erica Camp and Sarang Shah, both seniors at Campbell, used their lunch hour to join the protesters across the street from their school.

“I’m not in favor of the plan,” said Shah, 17. “Private accounts are too risky.”

Camp, 18, added that she did not think Cheney was sincere about fixing the system.

“I felt like he was being mean to Democrats,” she said, referencing Cheney’s mention of Democrats as “those of the other faith.”

The White House routinely fails to post transcripts of Cheney’s Baboon-a-palooza events, but I would certainly like to see the full context of Cheney’s claim that Democrats are “those of the other faith”, wouldn’t you?

Normally you would write a remark like that off as mere rhetoric, but everything changed on Justice Sunday, didn’t it.