Today on Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle

From Holden:

Press Office B-teamer Terrence Trent D’Uffy was running the gaggle today aboard Aboard Air Force One en route Jackson, Mississippi.

Today Trent revealed the President’s Clever Plan: Divide Senate Republicans.

Q Trent, some Republican senators have expressed reservations openly in the last few days about the indexing plan that Bush announced on Thursday. You have Allen, and you also have Brownback, and some of the centrist Republicans, through aides, are also saying that their bosses are not inclined to support it. Given the narrow divide in the Senate, how can you push it through if you don’t even have full support of all the Republicans in the Senate?

MR. DUFFY: Well, the Senate Finance Committee is just getting started. And the President proposed his plan, which he believes is the best way to go about protecting lowest-income workers, and making sure that we are dealing with the solvency in Social Security. But he welcomes the discussion. It’s the exact kind of reaction that the President sought to spark when he provided his proposal. And so he welcomes other ideas from both Republicans and Democrats, and we look forward to action in the Senate Finance Committee.

Chimpy is flying to Mississippi to speak at a Nissan plant. Prompting one gaggler to ask, “Why does the president hate America [or at least American auto manufacturers]?

Q One other auto question. The President has been at a BMW plant in South Carolina. Now he’s going to a Nissan plant. He’s never been, as far as I know, to GM or Ford. Is there any significance there?

MR. DUFFY: I’ll check on what plants he’s visited or hasn’t visited, but he was invited by this plant to attend.** I know that he’s been working with Senator Lott on coming down and visiting. So it’s sort of as Scott described it yesterday.

In the transcript, the double-asterisks tell the tale:

** The President has hosted domestic automakers on the South Lawn of the White House to promote his hydrogen car initiative, as well as other fuel-efficient vehicles.

Maybe it’s not American automakers that the president hates, but their unionized workers.