A Rabble of Mindless Orcs

Atrios pointed out this enormous load of horse puckey earlier. And it’s just so typically self-serving and whiny, most of it, but this is the part that really set my teeth on edge:

Can the MSM adopt any blog values to attract the younger audience? Or should we wait and see? Perhaps these younger people will outgrow these youthful informational indiscretions and come to their senses — and back to media that can serve them best…

Honestly, in the past 200 years has there been any fad the “MSM” hasn’t jumped at with the desperation of the band geek at prom night in an ultimately futile and transparent attempt to figure out “what those crazy kids want these days?” Right up to adopting “MSM” (leading among the ranks of stupid Republican-generated acronyms, and that’s a well with some depth to it) to refer to itself? Can anyone name anything – TV segments on “health,” sex columnists, “technology” sections, putting Oliver North on the opinion page as though he was nothing more than a humble student of this great republic of ours instead of a war criminal – that hasn’t been done in a pathetic imitation of something original being done somewhere else?

Do blogs have something people want? I sure as hell hope so, because you all are our bread and butter here. But what I love is that instead of considering that the “MSM” might have something people want, or could strive to reach such a lofty goal of becoming desirable by coming up with something original and making people think they wanted it, the position Dvorkin instantly adopts is that we need to be more like this thing over here instead. After all, that doesn’t cost any money, or require any investment of time or talent in developing a new idea.

The world-weary, oh-how-we-hate-to-serve-the-mindless-rabble-but-we-must attitude is also becoming somewhat tiresome. If you aim to please, do that honestly and without acting put-upon. I joke about having to blog the Justice Sunday broadcast but I do it because I know you guys like it. I put up silly Democrat pictures because I think it’s funny and post stories about my family and honestly, it’s not all that hard to do, so what would be the point of acting as if pleasing my public (all six of you, whom I love dearly) were some dreadful imposition? If I didn’t like this I wouldn’t be doing it, and if Jeff Dvorkin doesn’t like his job he should go make a lot more money in corporate communications or something. That goes double for anybody else at NPR who thinks their work is beneath them.

This constant puling about the terrible burdens of being Dvorkin is unbecoming of an adult.