$103,000 per week

Tbogg lays out the figures on Wal-Mart’s lowest paid employees and its highest paid executives.

I’ve always found this kind of comparison illuminating, because it says so much about what we as a country value, that we tolerate this sort of inequality. That we do not see such things and become filled with the kind of rage we can work up over the abortion issue, for example, or prayer in schools, says a great deal about us as a nation.

If there’s one thing I wish we did more, it’s talk about business pay scales and practices in terms of values. Is it right, is it moral, that the president of a company makes $2,600 per hour while his employee makes $8.53?

Is that an American value?

And if not, is there a way to talk about that without getting into another DLC vs. The Socialists mudfight?