Action Alert – Sen. George Allen & Pat Robertson

Today’s Action is based on an email from the DNC:
Can you imagine what Republicans would say if a liberal went on national television and said that conservative judges are a greater threat than terrorism?  Or that Clarence Thomas was a Commie?  Or that 9-11 was no big deal?  They would be (as my old boss Bill Clinton used to say), “squealing like a pig stuck under a gate.”
But when Pat Robertson spouts this nonsense, what do we hear from his fellow Republicans?
Thundering silence.
What’s worse, Sen. George Allen of Virginia, Robertson’s home state, apparently thinks now is a good time to deliver the commencement address to the ultraconservative graduate school Robertson founded.  Allen should know better.  He should be repudiating Robertson and his hate speech, just as John McCain did in the 2000 GOP primaries.  Then again, we saw what the far right did to McCain when he had the guts to take them on.  So Allen is headed to Robertson’s graduation cookout.  I guess that’s just the sort of payback Robertson expects after saying Allen “would make a tremendous president” on national TV and giving the maximum allowable contribution to Allen’s most recent campaign.
When George Allen lends legitimacy to Robertson’s offensive rhetoric and Bill Frist joins the Family Research Council’s “Democrats hate God” telecast, it just proves how far Senate Republicans will go to pander to the right wing fringe.

Contact Senator Allen and ask him not to speak at Robertson’s graduation. You can contact him by email here.

Thanks for taking today’s Action