He Forgot Polling-land

From Holden:

The new AP-Ipsos poll pegs Chimpy’s job approval rate at 47%, with the vast majority rejecting his plans to gut Social Security.

Six in 10 disapprove of the president’s handling of Social Security after Bush spent the last two months campaigning across the nation for the changes.

A week ago, the president tried to build some momentum for his proposal by asking future middle- and higher-income retirees to accept smaller benefit checks than they’re currently slated to receive as part of a package to keep the system solvent. His proposal would call for benefits for low-income workers to “grow faster than for people who are better off.”

The poll found 56 percent of respondents are not willing to give up some promised benefits, while 40 percent say they are. Majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents are opposed to that proposal.


The president is trying to sell these dramatic changes at a time of public anxiety about the nation’s direction. Almost six in 10, 59 percent, said the country is headed down the wrong track.

Bush’s job approval is at 47 percent with 51 percent disapproving, and his approval on areas like handling Iraq, the economy and assorted domestic issues is in the low 40s.