Mother’s Day Menu Special

This morning in the Dallas Morning News I saw a story about the provision in the new Medicare Drug Bill that will allow the government to cut off Food Stamps for some seniors who opt for the Drug Benefit.
Turns out that this story was broken by David Sirota and picked up by the New York Times:

Forgive me for a bit of shameless, irritating self-congratulation, but this is some great news I just had to share because it gives us all hope that we can make an impact and occasionally break through the media din. On Friday May 6th, Sirotablog had an exclusive story uncovering evidence that the Bush administration is now telling Congress and the public that food stamp recipients could see their food stamp benefits eliminated under the new Medicare bill. The New York Times quickly got in touch with me for the details, and now has a prominent story on the scam in its May 8th newspaper.
The administration’s efforts to cut food stamps for Medicare recipients stands in stark contrast to its earlier public promises that indicated food stamp benefits would be preserved. And while the mainstream media often ignores such hypocrisy, this time – thankfully – at least the New York Times did not. That’s a major victory for the progressives and the blogosphere as a whole, because it makes sure thousands of people will see exactly how the Bush administration is waging an economic war on ordinary Americans.

See the New York Times’ full story here For more details, see the original Sirotablog

Happy Mother’s Day from the Bush administration to every mother and grandmother in America. Be sure to try the Fancy Feast Flaked Salmon, if you can afford it. If not, I’d recommend the Friskies Seafood Dinner. If you don’t care for fish (or cats), there’s always Alpo.
I hope Barbara Bush chokes on the chocolates or whatever the hell she gets for Mother’s Day.