Bush Gives Stalin Some Tongue

From Holden:

Chimpy loves him some genocidal Soviet dictator.

President Vladimir V. Putin, joined by President Bush and dozens of other leaders, commemorated the 60th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany today with a resplendent military parade in Red Square that was steeped in Soviet symbols and new Russian pride.

Standing in front of Lenin’s Tomb, not on it as Soviet leaders once did, Mr. Putin expressed no contrition for the Soviet domination of Eastern and Central Europe that followed the end of World War II, as some leaders there had hoped he would. Instead, he said that the war’s legacy demonstrated the necessity for a new unity with Russia against new threats.


Mr. Bush, customarily the center of attention even at international summits, had a seat of honor next to Mr. Putin, but he did not speak publicly during today’s events, effectively ceding the stage to the Russian leader and the pageantry of the day’s celebration.


Mr. Bush spoke animatedly with Mr. Putin as thousands of Russian soldiers and war veterans paraded across the cobblestones of Red Square and again as they walked with other leaders to the nearby Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where they laid red carnations.

After Mr. Putin concluded his speech and returned to his seat, Mr. Bush appeared to compliment him. A senior White House advisor, Dan Bartlett, said that Mr. Bush felt no discomfort about appearing in a tableau of Soviet imagery, including flowing banners bearing the hammer and sickle and a parade that evoked past Soviet celebrations – absent the tanks and missiles.

Maybe he thought he was paying tribute to Joseph Stallion.