Medium Pimpin’ : Books, bloggers, and our diabolical plan to take over the media

Pardon my excitement, but this project has become very close to my heart over the last several months.

TalkLeft puts it very well:

The reason to buy the book is for the incredible writings of the other included blogs, all on the same topic and in one place, seamlessly arranged. Another reason is to support the concept of the Informed Citizen Guide. It’s a way of memorializing blog posts, long after they fall off the home page.

You can read the table of contents, the preface, the blogger bios and a factual piece on Rumsfeld at the book’s website for free. My copy arrived Saturday, and as I was reading through it, I realized that even though many of us don’t think of ourselves as journalists per se, it is as professional as anything any journalist has written. All of the bloggers’ source material is noted in footnotes.

My own contribution is here:

Douglas Feith? The Office of Special Plans? This book lays out the backstory of the intelligence used to justify the War in Iraq. Featuring the blogging of, Bad Attitudes, The Crisis Papers, Daily Kos, and many others. Selected with an introductory essay by Allison Hantschel, Athenae of First Draft.

You can order the Rumsfeld book now. I’ll providing ordering information (oh, will I ever) for mine when next it becomes available.

Why do I love this project so, and why did I bug so many of you to contribute and be a part of it? We spend a lot of time bitching and moaning on our sites about the Republican Noise Machine, the seemingly endless churning out of right-wing propaganda in the form of television shows, radio broadcasts, and yes, books. It’s time to quit that bitching and start working on producing — and supporting — efforts of our own to have our voices heard.

I’ve read the Rumsfeld book and can’t tell you how much I learned. Honestly, I mainline blogs all day long like a little crack rat, and I thought I’d read everything there was to read about the man. No way. There are always posts you miss, things you wish you could have paid more attention to, things you’d like to go back to and savor, words that should be preserved in plain old fashioned paper. This does that. Go get one today.