Onward Christian Soreheads

I registered with the Family Resource Council in the attempt to stream “Just Us Sunday.” The stream never worked for me, but I get about 3 emails daily from the FRC now. In one I got today, the first part was about the constitution being held hostage by the filibuster. Then they trotted out the Big Bogey, Hilary Clinton, and waved her around as a possible presidential candidate in ’08. And then they came to this final section:

Onward Christian Soldier

The Family Research Council has drawn attention to discrimination in the nation’s courtrooms and in the halls of Congress against those who hold to a conservative Christian faith. Now such “Christophobia” is being exposed even in the military. Military chaplains have sued the Navy for denominational discrimination in assignments and promotions. Even more shocking are charges that evangelicals are being reprimanded for preaching the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ, instead of a more “pluralistic” message. This happens even though federal law explicitly protects the right of a chaplain to “conduct public worship according to the manner and forms of the church of which he is a member.” FRC staff have spoken with Arthur Schulcz, an attorney for several chaplains, and with Lt. Gordon James Klingenschmitt, who has recently gone public with his charges (but is not a party to any lawsuit). Klingenschmitt says he has been reprimanded for offenses ranging from praying in the name of Jesus to, ironically, advocating for a Jewish sailor who wanted kosher meals while at sea. FRC will continue to monitor this situation and defend the religious liberty rights of the men and women who defend our Constitution with their very lives.
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The reason this interests me is because it illustrates about as well as anything I’ve seen, the inside-out nature of the Right’s framing. No one has ever tried to keep conservative Christians from practicing their religion except where that practice infringes on other people’s freedom of religion. The Christian mullahs, however, would have it that they are always embattled and that Christianity is under siege in America. I’ve been told that it violates their constitutional rights when people say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, and the guy seemed to be serious. Where the argument really goes inside out, however, is the assertion that restraining Christians from infringing on other peoples’ rights or on the constitution itself, is a violation of the constitution. They seriously contend that unless they are allowed to abrogate the constitutionally mandated separation of church and state, their own constitutional right to freedom of religion has been violated. If that was true, the constitution would be in conflict with itself, and it isn’t.
This is the root of their hatred of the judiciary, by the way. It isn’t that the judiciary stays maddeningly out of their control so much as it is that the judiciary follows the law. What they really hate is the law. They really do. They are a very regimented bunch of anarchists, and sometimes I think the Republicans do not realize what it is they have been playing with.