Get the Fuck Out!

From Holden:

Iraqi citizens and policemen are sick and tired of the endless occupation.

Iraqi police hurled insults at US soldiers after two suicide car bomb blasts in Baghdad killed at least seven people and left 19 wounded, including policemen.

“It’s all because you’re here,” a policeman shouted in Arabic at a group of US soldiers after the latest in a bloody wave of attacks that have rocked Baghdad this month.

“Get out of our country and there will be no more explosions,” he told the uncomprehending Americans staring at the smouldering wreck of a car bomb.


Another suicide bomber also tried to attack a US army patrol on the central Saadun street but missed and smashed into other vehicles, setting them ablaze.

At least seven civilians were killed and 16 wounded, police and medics said.

“I was driving my bus with many passengers and on the other side of the street a US convoy was passing by,” 45-year-old minibus driver Abdullah Jassim Mohammed said.

“All of a sudden there was a big explosion and I saw a man dying in front of me. The US convoy was unharmed,” the driver said, who sustained slight head wounds.

“Since Americans invaded our country they have brought nothing but evil.”

Purple fingers are no substitute for security and sovereignty.