Interrogate the Bloggers

From Holden:

Newsweek’s May 16 issue contains an intriguing glimpse at what is to come in the Larry Franklin case.

It could easily turn into the new version of “Leak-gate”—a confrontation between journalistic ethics and prosecutorial zeal. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Virginia last week charged Larry Franklin, one of the Pentagon’s top Iran experts, with unauthorized disclosure of classified information relating to threats against U.S. forces in Iraq. Court documents omitted the names of the recipients of Franklin’s alleged leaks, but prosecutors claimed that Franklin revealed “top secret” info to two unauthorized people at a lunch in June 2003. Sources identified them as two senior officials of the pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC, who were dismissed by the organization last month. Court documents allege that Franklin, who worked in the office of Defense Under Secretary Douglas Feith, also may have leaked secrets to a “foreign official”—believed to be an Israeli—and to “members of the media.”

As a result, NEWSWEEK has learned, journalists and bloggers may face questioning by FBI agents in the case.

Hmmmm. I wonder, to which side of the blogoshpere did the former Feith aide leak that “top-secret” information?

Heaven forbid that we have any traitors among the wingnuts.