Gives “Riding Shotgun” A Whole New Meaning

From Holden:

Carpooling is now required in the Iraqi city of Tikrit in an effort to cut down on the number of suicide carbombings.

The penalty for failing to carpool – death.

The province council of Tikrit, 180 km north of Baghdad, and its security authorities have taken measures, according to which they prohibited driving cars without the presence of a passenger or more with the driver to prevent the martyrs from exploding bombed cars in the city.

Yesterday, the police killed a car driver, who was driving his car by himself, while he was driving across a street in Tikrit, as he did not abide by these directions.

This step came two days after the explosion of a bombed car on Tikrit Bridge that leads to Al Door district and Al Alam region, which resulted in the murder of 7 Iraqis and 12 wounded, in an atmosphere of fear and worry on behalf of citizens in the city after a rumor that 25 bombed cars entered it. The police and National Guard, accompanied with American forces, have reinforced their security procedures by intercepting roads and side streets, limited the transportation flow in the city and arrested some citizens, who are suspected to be involved in terrorist operations. In addition, patrols were scheduled to go through the city streets and the cars that are driven by a driver without a companion were seized.

The procedures also include the women who drive their cars, as a police detachment was witnessed when it stopped a woman driving her car and requested her to abide by the regulations of the presence of company.