Boxer Puts A Hold On Bolton

From Holden:

Too bad it’s not a Full Nelson.

Go Barbara!

Bill Frist of Tennessee, said the Bolton nomination would probably come to the full Senate after lawmakers resolved a dispute over confirmation votes for Bush’s judicial nominees, which is expected to be taken up next week. He said the Republicans hoped that would leave time for a vote on Bolton before the Senate’s Memorial Day recess.


Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., placed a hold on the nomination, according to her spokesman, David Sandretti. He said she wanted to get State Department documents that Democrats have been seeking involving Bolton’s dealings with American intelligence agencies over Syria. In rejecting the request several days ago, Rice said disclosure of the documents could have a chilling effect on debates within the administration.

By placing the hold on the nomination, which is a privilege that any senator can invoke, Boxer can prevent it from going to the Senate floor for a vote. Under Senate rules, it takes 60 votes to overturn a “hold.”