I write letters


Editor, Dallas Morning News

Sir: You have again published an editorial piece by Michelle Malkin. I am reminding you once again that Ms. Malkin is a racist. She makes no bones about it. She openly advocates racial profiling and the internment of citizens based on race and religion. She has written a book in which she argues in favor of concentration camps. I do not want to open your newspaper and see her face or her name on a piece of writing again.
The woman is a disgrace to humanity. You are tacitly agreeing with her racism and her desire for concentration camps for Muslims in this country every time you publish her words. I am outraged and will continue to be outraged every single time you do this. Stop publishing this racist, fascist garbage. I don’t care who else she writes for or who she is married to. She is scum. Stop it.
With great anger,

I sent it this morning to the Dallas Morning News. I write to them in this vein every single time they publish so much as a sentence Malkin has written. That’s why I’m posting it. It’s a one-woman campaign to get the MSM to stop legitimizing fascists. If your newspaper publishes editorials by fascists, I would suggest that you write, too. It’s the only way I know to get the media to pay some attention to the harm it is doing to America by pretending that fascist scum has anything to add to the public discourse.