Cletus Public Broadcasting

I picked this up from Echidne at Eschaton:

CPB Chairman Tomlinson Loves the O’Reilly Factor
So he says. Kenneth Y. Tomlinson is the head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and he finds the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) too liberal. Though he says that he never discussed PBS with Bush administration officials, Media Matters for America says he did. And though a “CPB representative” reportedly told The Washington Post in advance of a May 13 article that “Tomlinson was not giving media interviews,” he does, at least to the wingnuts in the media: Bill O’Reilly and Tucker Carlson. Expect Big Bird to find religion fairly soon.

This really depresses me. Not only because I used to have a lot of affection for public broadcasting and hate to see it become another thing the Right has smeared with shit. I hate it because if it’s going to move to the right, I wish to hell CPB would do it at the very least with a little more class than this. O’Lielly? That’s not just getting conservative, that’s getting really stupid.
That’s what I hate the most. Since what I now see as the Golden Age of public broadcasting, which was basically when Masterpiece Theater started up, until Upstairs, Downstairs, until now I’ve watched as public broadcasting slowly sank along with the rest of the culture. It became a victim of the general dumbing down of the culture quite some time back. There is still some good programming, but I can’t imagine that some of it will be around much longer.
Before someone sneers: Elitist, let me say it myself. Yes, actually, in some things I am an elitist. I think everyone should aspire to be an elitist in the things that matter to her. All it means is that one aspires to as much knowledge and wisdom about something as possible. This is not something to be sneered at.
But we have a conservative movement in this country that is actively anti-intellectual and promotes the idea of the lowest common denominator with a vengeance. Stupidity is in, it’s American. Jesus on a jelly donut – Stupid is one thing; stupid and proud of it is pretty much the pinnacle of stupid.
The Right today is stupid and damned proud of it. If you don’t think that is so, then explain to me a transplant surgeon, Bill Frist, telling Stephanopoulos that he “wasn’t sure AIDS wasn’t spread through sweat.” That is blatantly stupid, and Frist knows it. They are pandering to the stubbornly ignorant in this country and telling them not to want to remedy their ignorance, but to revel in it.
I am aware of John F. Kennedy’s many flaws, but no one can deny that he asked Americans to be elites, and Americans complied. There are still plenty of brilliant Americans out there. The problem is that right now they have two choices: they can tie the shoelaces of our leaders who are too fucking stupid to tie their own, or sit down and shut up. Well, CPB is tying their shoelaces; they’re going to do a special about it. It’s titled: Creationist Physics.