I get email, and sometimes they contain ActionAlerts

I generally get my Action Alerts from Hecate on Tuesday and Thursday. However, today, I got the following email:

Mothra here–[snip – for privacy purposes] � I got an e-mail alert from the NRDC regarding an amendment to the transportation bill that Sessions has introduced which would gut funding for bike trails and routes and clean air alternative transportation initiatives.� Being a cyclist, and a bike commuter, I am horrified, but beyond that, this is absurd.� When Americans are eating themselves to death, driving around their tax-deductible SUVs and the price of gas is going up and the supply is going down, the Senate might cut funding for any alternatives?� Bad news.� Anyway, if you could urge your First Draft readers to call or e-mail their Senators to oppose this, I’d be mighty appreciative.
You can go to the NRDC site for further information on this if you like; this should be the link:� here.

I think Mothra is right, so I’m passing this along. It’s crazy to end funding for bike trails, especially now that Americans are trending to obesity as a norm. So click through and you’ll find a form for taking action. Thanks