Worst. Ratings. Ever.

From Holden:

The new Harris Poll gives Dear Leader his WORST RATINGS EVER on his handling of Iraq.


President’s Handling of Iraq: 61% Negative Rating

* President Bush’s 61 to 37 percent negative rating on the handling of Iraq is a decline from the 56 to 42 percent negative rating in March. By way of comparison, two years ago the president had a 63 to 36 positive rating.

Confidence that US Policies in Iraq will Succeed: 54% Not Confident

* By 54 to 26 percent, American adults are not confident that U.S. policies in Iraq will be successful. This represents an increase from March when a 49 to 30 percent plurality said that they were not confident.

Attacking Iraq the Right Thing to Do: 39% Yes, 48% No

* The number of adults who say that taking military action against Iraq was the right thing to do has declined to 39 percent from 41 percent in March. In addition the number who thinks that this was the wrong thing to do has increased to its highest level – 48 percent vs. 45 percent in March.

Situation for Troops in Iraq Getting Better: 21% Yes, 39% No

* While 39 percent of adults feel that the situation for U.S. troops is getting worse, only 21 percent feel that things are getting better. A third (34%) feels that things haven’t changed. This is essentially the same as March’s results.