Blame The Chorus

Buffalo weekly refuses to print ad for gay chorus on the grounds it might turn young Jews gay:

Rita Weiss, editor of the Jewish Review, said, “Fervently Orthodox rabbis exhort all of us to deepest compassion for those who cannot seek opposite-gender partners. But we are a family newspaper and don’t refer to sex at all or identify anyone as homosexual or heterosexual.”

Weiss said she and her husband, Arnold, who own the newspaper, declined to publish the ad on grounds that it might influence young people to experiment with a sexual lifestyle that could be harmful to their health.

Weiss and her husband are Orthodox, but she limited her arguments to social issues.

“On a very practical basis,” she said, “there is the possibility of influencing some young people whose sexual development is not yet complete. They could get AIDS. They could try out a lifestyle that is life-threatening.”

Via Romenesko.

If this newspaper doesn’t refer to anyone as hetero- or homosexual, then I assume they make no mention ever of anyone’s husband or wife, announce no engagements or marriages, or use the Mr. and Mrs. prefixes under any circumstances.

Personally, I know just reading this article reminded me of my raging crush on Katee Sackhoff, and put thoughts in my head that I might leave Mr. Athenae for the girl who runs the laundromat down the street.

It’s amazing how malleable sexuality is. Just the idea of Teh Ghey being out there is making me think of breasts and what I’d like to do to them. Thank you, Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus!