Offered (Almost) Without Comment

Mainly because I can’t decide whether to be amused or, well, amused: The Christian Anime Alliance.

CAA is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicating to using the anime and manga world to transform lives and impact others for Jesus Christ, whom we believe to be the one and only son of God.

I’m not an anime fan myself. Baby sister is, though, and nothing she’s told me about it leads me to believe it would be particularly adaptive to proselytizing, but hey, whatever turns your crank, I guess.

Homosexuality: We believe firmly that homosexuality is a perversion of light, and is in itself a sin. It is a choice, a lifestyle, and a mindset, not a genetic fault. Anime glorifying this lifestyle is looked down upon extremely negatively. However, we believe in the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, and do support those who struggle against this fleshly sin.

You know what I said before about turning your crank? Forget I brought that up.