Focus on the Sexual Foibles of One Half of the Family

In comments below, Spocko makes a great point, which is that you never see press releases like this:

“Dateline Colorado Springs, CO:

“Focus on the Family is demanding men stop impregnating women who they are not married to or were there is any chance of them having children that are not wanted.

“‘For years we have been focusing on the women who get pregnant and then decide to terminate the lives of their unborn children. We realise that it takes two to tango and we want Congress to pass a law forbidding men from impregnating women out of wedlock. It’s only fair,’ said Dr. James Dobson.”

And that’s exactly it. Want to reduce the number of abortions? Call on all law-abiding men of faith to keep it in their pants.

I think starting the “Jesus Loves Condoms” movement would be a lot more effective, frankly, but as long as we’re having unrealistic expectations of people’s sex drives, it would be nice to apply them to drives of both sexes.