Get the Fuck Out!

From Holden:

Former South Dakota Senator, 1972 Democratic presidential nominee, and veteran World War II bomber pilot George McGovern and Massachusets Congressman Jim McGovern (no relation) call for an immediate withdrawl of U.S. forces from Iraq.

And right they are. Anyone who claims that pulling U.S. forces out of Iraq will trigger bloodshed and chaos must explain to me how things could get worse in the beleaguered country. With each passing month a new record for violence is set. The Iraqi Civil War began in January and continues to gain momentum.

U.S. forces only serve to incite violence and give legitimacy to the insurgency. Meanwhile, the arbitrary destruction that Our Troops! inflict upon the civilian population and the continuing use of indiscriminate detention and torture can only lead one to the conclusion that removing them from the country can only improve the qualtiy of life therein.

This illegal war, sold on lies, conducted ineptly, managed in delirium, must end.