A Day In The Life

From Holden:

The BBC blogs Iraq today, posting local news reports and blog entries from throughout the war-torn country here throughout the day.

A sample [the number leading each entry is Greenwich Mean Time]:

NEW 1651: Iraq’s main Sunni Muslim political and religious grouping, the Committee of Muslim Scholars, angrily criticises the government for what it described as the deliberate targeting of Sunni Iraqis in Operation Lightning, the huge security operation underway in Baghdad and elsewhere, AFP.

UPDATE 1408: Latest reports suggest 18 people died and 19 were injured in the Hawija car bombings. Iraqi and US troops are also dealing with another car found packed with explosives in a nearby village.

NEWS 1328: The US Army denies killing seven people during a raid on the town of Rawah on Sunday, the al-Jazeera Arabic TV network reports.

NEWS 1317: A US Marine was killed in Falluja when a bomb went off near his vehicle on Monday, the US military says in a statement reported by AP.

NEWS 1304: A correspondent for pan-Arab al-Arabiya TV channel reports that US soldiers have shot dead two Iraqi teachers in the Tamin district of Ramadi. The correspondent says the two Iraqis were caught up in a raid against insurgents.

UPDATE 1303: Twenty-eight people, including three police officers, are injured in a car bomb blast in Baghdad’s northern Shula area earlier on Tuesday morning, AFP has reported quoting a hospital source.

UPDATE 1247: Nine people, including two policemen, were injured by a car bomb explosion in Baghdad earlier on Tuesday morning, Iraqi police say.

DAILY LIVES: Anonymous policeman, Baghdad After I have breakfast and head to work, I read a few verses from the Koran. I leave my home in civilian clothes, not in my police uniform, because of the security situation. When there is an attack I think to myself, “will I die or will I return home?”