Progress, Like In Iraq

From Holden:

Your president, yesterday, on his efforts to convince the public to do away with Social Security.

And we’re making progress.

Let’s check the most recent poll on the topic.

According to the [WaPo/ABC News] poll, 62 percent of respondents said they disapproved of the way he was handling Social Security, an increase of seven percentage points since January. Fewer than half — 48 percent — support a voluntary plan to invest some of their Social Security contributions in the stock market, a key change advocated by Bush, while 49 percent reject private investment accounts, down from 51 percent last month but still a five-point increase since mid-December.

More worrisome for the president is that support for personal accounts drops to 27 percent if it is coupled with a reduction in the growth of guaranteed Social Security benefits for future retirees, a provision the White House is considering.