Bush’s Integrity Mailed to Medicare Beneficiaries

From Holden:

Little Scottie’s smarter brother Mark is working hard to inform Medicare recipients about Chimpy’s give-away to Big Pharma new prescription drug benefit plan.

The government’s effort to educate low-income Medicare beneficiaries about prescription drug benefits might lead to confusion instead. An unknown number of intended recipients found only empty envelopes in their mailboxes. After its first mass-mailing late last month — part of a complicated effort to reach 4.7 million low-income beneficiaries — the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services received several calls about errors in the mailings.

“CMS has become aware that, in some cases, the intended recipients of the letters received empty envelopes,” stated a Medicare posting on a drug-benefit listserve. “We believe this is a very limited problem and a random one that is not concentrated in any given state.”

Yeah, a totally honest, random mistake.