Friday Hunk Blogging, er, I Mean Happy Democrat Photos

Girls, girls, you’re both pretty:

Reid replied that there isn’t anyone who hasn’t “misspoken” and recited an on-message litany of “important issues” that Democrats are committed to addressing, including the escalating costs of gasoline, health care and college tuition. “We’re here today to talk about the American people,” he said. But practically everyone else in the room wanted to talk about Howard Dean.

“Senator Reid, you just used the word ‘misspoke,’ ” yelled one reporter, out-shouting a half-dozen others. He asked if Reid thought that Dean had “misspoken.”

“You know,” Dean interjected, “I think a lot of this is exactly what Republicans want, and that’s a diversion.” He bemoaned the “media circus” of the last two weeks and said that he and Reid were not concerning themselves with that — only with vital things like Social Security, national defense and jobs.