3,797 And Counting

Bush’s approval ratings are in the toilet on every single issue. The only power the preznit has is the power his opposition gives him. The sooner Democrats stop treating him like a shiny and breakable icon, the sooner we can all get on with our lives unimpeded by his failing agenda. It’s that simple. The more we stand up to them, the more they back down.

We can’t wait for July 2006 to start forming our message. We can’t wait another year to start saying what we should have been saying since day one: that this president and his cohorts have done nothing but waste the opportunities they’ve been given. Opportunities to focus our country and make us understand the challenges we face, instead of telling us to be afraid of them, and telling us who to blame for them.

We can’t wait until July 2006 to start talking people out of giving these misfits, crackpots, fascists and fools another term in which to pass legislation to reinsert one woman’s feeding tube while thousands of children go without health insurance, to cant about the taking of human life for stem cell research while they feed our troops into the woodchipper that is Iraq and view any attempt to ask for help as weakness. We can’t wait until July 2006 to start saying, as one, with one voice loud enough to echo over the cacophony of right wing bullshit, that these people have failed us, and failed our country. That their values are not our values, are not American values. That their corruption shames us all, that they make of our grand promises of freedom falsehoods.

We have to speak up now. And we have to support those who do so. Without fear, without fail. With money, with letters, with whatever voice we have in whatever way we can no matter how small. The more we stand up to them, the more they back down. Go sign the petition to tell Congressional Democrats not to be afraid. Let them know that if they speak up, and speak out, we’ll be here. We’ve got their backs.