Savings, Loan, Coffee, Keyboard

I realize we (the lords of this little patch of cyberestate) are gradually falling into roles here. Holden gives you serious political commentary and finds tidbits of news nobody else is paying attention to. I cuss out Joe Lieberman and link to silly, pointless things that make me laugh so loud I scare the ferrets:

While we’re on the subject of drugs – and it appears we’ll be there for a while – no one cares about how much more awesome the hash is in the Czech Republic. Again, you’re not on a date with the ghost of Alistair Crowley. This means small talk like, “after 6 hits while locked in my room meditating, I basically blew a fuse,” is not exactly the combination to the master vault at U.S. Pussy Savings & Loan.

Via Dooce.