Upgrade THIS

We’re back. *waves*

We (and when I say we I mean Jack Terminal, site guru and the man who has to deal with what temper tantrums I can’t blame on Republicans) installed a major site upgrade over the weekend, most of which you don’t even need to worry about except for that we can blog easier. We’ve had a recurring infestation, which hopefully the new system will take care of. Your registrations should remain the same, you should still be able to comment the same as you ever did, etc.

What you, the users, need to know is this: In order to get rid of the pest problem we had to ban a bunch of people all at once, not all of whom were responsible for our problem. If you hear of someone who’s banned (over at the crack den comment boards, for example) and it’s someone you know as a regular here, drop me an e-mail so I can re-admit him or her to our happy little fraternity. Er, sorority. Pie fight. Whatever.

Also, if you’ve been logged out, can’t remember your password, it doesn’t work suddenly, something else is effed up, just know that we don’t hate you, and give us a couple of days to make sure all is well. E-mail me with any major kinks you find at athenae25 at yahoo dot com.

Thanks for your patience.