I Believe This is a First

From Holden:

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe this marks the first time that a Bush assministration official has resigned because of his involvement in a scandal. The White House claims that Cooney’s resignation was planned all along, but that’s simply bullshit wrapped in spin. I’m certain it won’t be the last time one of these bastards is forced out.

The chief of staff for the White House council on environmental quality resigned his position just days after it was revealed that he routinely edited scientific reports on global warming, changing language in a way that suggests the phenomenon and its causes are widely debated.

The official, Roger A. Cooney, is accused of adding or changing the wording of several official reports on the relationship between greenhouse gasses and global warming. He is the immediate past head of the American Petroleum Association, an oil industry lobby group.

The revelations came from a former official with the US Climate Change Program, Rick S. Piltz, who released a signed letter through the government accountability project and provided documentation to the New York Times, which first reported the story Wednesday.