Better Off Under The Taliban

From Holden:

Chimpy’s reverse Midas touch is as sharp as ever.

Kabul is on the verge of a cholera epidemic, with at least eight people dying in the past fortnight and more than 2,000 cases detected, a health expert in the Afghan capital said yesterday.

The government disputed the numbers and said it had the situation under control.

“An epidemic is about to break out here. Over 2,000 cases have been reported so far that would meet the case definition of cholera,” said Fred Hartman, an epidemiologist and technical director for a US aid programme, the Rural Expansion of Afghanistan’s Community-based Health Care.

Mr Hartman, who has fought cholera outbreaks around the world for 30 years, said the disease had been detected in wells around the city, and warned that it could spread quickly among Kabul’s 4 million people.