Fine and Dandy

From Holden:

Osama is livin’ large.

Osama bin Laden is alive and in good health, as is fugitive Taliban chief Mullah Mohammed Omar, a purported senior commander of the ousted militia said Wednesday in a television interview.

Pakistan’s Geo television broadcast the interview with a man it identified as Taliban military commander Mullah Akhtar Usmani, a former aviation minister who said he still receives instructions from Omar.

Asked whether bin Laden is hiding in areas of Afghanistan that are under Taliban control, the man said he would not specify where the terrorist mastermind was hiding.

“Thanks be to God, he is absolutely fine,” he said.


The man said the Taliban are still organized, and that senior Taliban leaders hold regular consultations.

“Our discipline is strong. We have regular meetings. We make programs,” the man said.

He said Omar does not attend the meetings but “decisions come from his side.” He did not say where those meeting take place.