I’m Melting, Meltiiiiinnnggg

From Holden:

The Bolton nomination is slipping away.

Senate GOP leaders, acknowledging no apparent progress on Bolton, said they will call for another vote to end debate in a renewed effort to portray Democrats as obstructionists, probably this week. But one of the three Democrats who sided with them on an unsuccessful “cloture” vote on May 26, Sen. Mark Pryor (Ark.), said he may abandon the Republicans, leaving them farther from their goal than they were three weeks ago.

If Democrats “continue being reasonable [in their requests] and the White House won’t provide the information, I want to reserve the right to change my vote,” Pryor told reporters.

Some Republican lawmakers expressed dismay that the effort to confirm Bolton, an outspoken conservative who has sharply criticized the United Nations, remains so difficult. Critics have cited his beratings of State Department subordinates who differed with him, but the most recent sticking point has involved Democratic requests for documents concerning Bolton’s work activities.