Less Than 40 By The 4th!

From Holden:

Holden Wins!

Holden Wins!

Holden Wins!

Latest Wall Street Journal Poll:

Approve: 38%

Disapprove: 56%

Wait a minute, those are Dick Cheney’s numbers!

Here are Chimpy’s Job Approval numbers:

Approve: 45%

Disapprove: 55%

And the numbers for the rest of the Bush Junta.

Condoleezza Rice

Approve: 52%

Disapprove: 41%

Donald Rumsfeld

Approve: 42%

Disapprove: 53%

Bill Frist

Approve: 28%

Disapprove: 47%

Dennis Hastert

Approve: 28%

Disapprove: 44%

Tom DeLay

Approve: 28%

Disapprove: 55%

Republicans in Congress

Approve: 37%

Disapprove: 58%

And the Right-Track-Wrong-Track Numbers:

Right Track: 38%

Wrong Track: 55%