Out Of Step With America

From Holden:

Talkin’ about your P-p-p-p-president.

The poll by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (Pipa), the Washington-based research group, found that 94 per cent of respondents said the US should make efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions, in line with other developed nations.

Three-quarters of respondents said that global warming was a problem that should be addressed by world governments.


[T]he Pipa study found that 73 per cent felt the US should “participate” in Kyoto. President George W. Bush said on Monday that the US would not agree to any G8 statement that was similar to the Kyoto protocol. “The Kyoto treaty would have wrecked our economy,” he said.

The Pipa poll found that there was growing confidence among Americans on the scientific evidence supporting global warming claims, with 52 per cent saying they believed there was a scientific consensus on the matter, up 9 points from the previous year’s study.

The study also showed that 56 per cent of respondents would be willing to incur significant economic costs to address climate change, if there was agreement in the scientific community on global warming.

Large majorities support tax incentives for companies and individuals to reduce emissions, and believe these more efficient energy consumption will make the US economy more competitive.

The survey also found that 70 per cent supported requiring cars to use high fuel efficiency technology, such as hybrid-electric power. The poll did not ask about the politically unpopular idea of a tax on petrol.

More than 80 per cent said they supported legislation to require large companies to reduce greenhouse emissions to 2000 levels by 2010 and to 1990 levels by 2020.