Three Things

One. My condolences to the families of those killed, and my thoughts to those who are injured. If there’s a relief fund or other ways we can help the victims, post it in the comments if you hear about it. I’ll put it up on the main page if I do.

Two. I wish sorrow was all I felt. But I’m angry. I’m angry we went into Iraq instead of staying in Afghanistan and getting the people who plot these kinds of things. I’m angry we dither around sending Homeland Security money everywhere but to our police and firefighters in terrorist target cities. I’m angry that for all the deaths in Iraq, for all the fighting over the war here at home, for all that passion and pain and blood and unnecessary agony, we couldn’t prevent this. Why couldn’t we (we, the great Anti-Terror Coalition, we) stop this from happening? Isn’t that the point of all that we’re supposed to be doing? Isn’t that the point of all our stickers and flags and signs and slogans? Never again? Well, again just happened. And I’m angry as hell at the people who let it happen.

Three. I hope, I hope, that the Arab population of London does not suffer the kind of retaliatory attacks and demonization that struck its counterpart in America after Sept. 11. Learn from our example, please, from our mistakes: It doesn’t help. What will help is this: picking up the pieces, comforting the victims, and figuring out, with the help of friends, what to do next.

Brit First Drafters, if there’s anything I can do, let me know.

Update: UK Red Cross response info.